Changing the Mindset

starting business online

If you’ve finally decided to work on yourself and pursue your ambitions of starting a business online, congratulations! It’s a big step you’ve taken today and may you never look back.

The start of the journey is always exciting. You’re high on adrenaline and can’t wait to jump on the bus leading you towards success. But a few hours down the line, you’re exhausted, bored of the monotonous ride. You see your enthusiasm spiraling downwards, sitting in the same place but your mind wandering off somewhere downs the South. At some point, many people decide to take a U-turn out of frustration and end the day by reassuring themselves with the classic, “it was just another bad idea”.

At what point do you think the passengers who returned back went wrong? Was it the point when they decided to return? Was it the point in the middle where they decided the journey was boring? Or perhaps, was it at the very beginning?

No points for guessing but yes, it is at the very beginning of the journey where most people go wrong.

Starting Business Online with a Millionaire Mindset

The passengers started their journey with the same mindset they had cultivated and practiced for years together. It’s the same mindset that stopped them from starting business online until now and will still do. It’s the same mindset that fears failures and disregards small victories.

If you’ve planned to hop on this journey after all, it will be a complete waste of time if you don’t discard the same mindset that stopped you from all that you could have achieved in all these years.

As cliché as it sounds, the way you perceive your life and yourself will truly determine the success of how well you’ll handle your online business.

So, think of this as a virtual door and promise yourself that by the end of this blog, you will have opened a gateway to a successful future and changed your outlook on life.

Changing your mindset is step one. When you change the way you think, you slowly notice changes in your habits, and then your behavior and coping mechanism.

Let your “future you” be the one to stop you from going back to your old habits. What I mean by that is, start determining how you want to live your life, henceforth. What are the luxuries you would like to seek? What are the many experiences you would like to fill your life with?

Let’s see, a dream vacation to see the Northern lights? Something that was out of your reach to a point that you refused to even think about it should now be something that’s on your mind all the time.

The more you think about it, the more you will feel the urge to break out of your old patterns and take off on the journey towards creating a successful business online.

Enough about what to do, now let’s talk about how we can do this.

starting business online
starting business online

Everything that you’ve learnt till now, even the things that you think are good for you, unlearn them. Remember, you’re starting with a clean slate. A squeaky clean slate with no residue from the past.

starting business online

The book Unleash Your Business Online has been a blessing for many. My mail box has been flooded with thank you messages ever since and I keep getting asked for a Part Two. I’m extremely grateful for all the love and all I can say is, I’ll come back soon.

starting business online

There will be many concepts that I’ll be sharing in the course of my book. They’ll be systematic in nature and I would like you to exercise it practically as you go through my book, ticking off the concepts and chapters as you go.

There is More!

In my book, I have mentioned a six-step process that will do all the convincing for changing your mindset and creating a successful online business worth every buck you invested into it. And that is just Chapter 1! Imagine how much more insight you’ll gain throughout the book.

Buckle Up! Let’s Break the Pattern Today.

I am Shubham Bapna, a proud Founder and CEO of Suprstart Ventures, Mumbai’s best digital agency, a Digital Success Coach, and now, an Author. My book, Unleash Your Business Online, is about all things Digital and how you, too, can mount your Legacy online. I’m delighted to let you know that my book is up online and available today. As you can see by the apparent introduction, I live, breathe, and sleep Digital! A phenomenon that took the whole world by storm is my forte, and now, it can be yours too. Follow me through this journey as I guide you along the digital pathway. There’s only one way, and it’s here! Welcome Aboard!

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