How to use Digital Business Automation to Expand Business?

As the cost of doing business gets higher by the day globally, you sit back and wonder, “do I really need these many employees?” One day, as if the worries were heard, Digital Business Automation marked its inception. And as expected, it took the world by storm. Though Digital Automation continues to be a debatable subject, having been called a bane for the future of employment, statistics prove otherwise.

Digital Automation is being adopted by almost all small businesses as it’s much more affordable than managing manpower and big businesses because of its consistent advancement. Contrary to popular belief, employees are also at ease as their monotonous work is being taken care of by computers and are in exchange, getting more dynamic and off-beat projects.

Digital business automation is transforming the business world with immense opportunities, finding it’s way into every operational department. The aim being to transform the way work is done everywhere and not just to apply the newest technologies as and when.

We have listed down the best 3 digital business automation tools that every business should use to expand.

Customer Support

How many of you’ll have ordered from Zomato? And while at it, contacted their customer support chatbot? Now that you’ve put an image in your head to what that looks like, quickly picture a day from the 90s, where customer support meant waiting on the line for two hours or more, praying you would listen to the voice of the salesperson more than the transferring jingles.

Chatbot has made it incredibly easy for businesses and their customers to communicate effortlessly. They gather conversational cadences over time that allow them to hold conversations naturally and replace human interaction. They comprehend language and command.

It’s a known fact that more and more people have started becoming comfortable chatting rather than resorting to calls. To a point that customers have even abandoned carts as even tackling their simplest of questions involved having to make a phone call, hereby proving that chatbot has become or will definitely soon, become a necessity.

Data driven Email Marketing

Email automation is, really, as simple as its name is. Sending out emails to your customers automatically, based on a schedule and triggers.

Email Marketing has changed greatly over time. Gone are the days when you would send promotional emails to every random id that comes to mind at that time and hoping you would not be pushed into the spam box.

Most organizations, now, have access to a considerable amount of data on customers and prospects. They can be collected through website visits, surveys, sales funnel, etc. But, are you making use of this data? More precisely, are you making use of this data in the right way to achieve Marketing success?

Time to put the data to the right use.

Email automation is everywhere and rightfully so. Whether you want to increase your repeat orders or upsell customers, email automation can help you in more ways than one.

First things first, partner with an email marketing service provider. Build your contact list that extends from friends and family to the customer data you have in hand. Set a schedule. Making persuasive copies and the subject is an art. It will take time but you’ll get there.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics is as exciting as it sounds. With the help of it, you can predict future events through current and past data. It helps organizations identify trends, customer behavior, future outcomes, and opportunities. All of which can help you make better content and strategies to attract your target audience. Now, doesn’t that make your work a whole lot easier?

Many different tools and software are available in the market and can be accessed through a quick Google search. Time to breathe out a relieved sigh indeed!

I am Shubham Bapna, the proud Founder and CEO of Suprstart Ventures, Mumbai’s best digital agency, a Digital Success Coach, and now, an Author. My book, Unleash Your Business Online, is about all things Digital and how you, too, can mount your Legacy online. I’m delighted to let you know that my book is up online and available today. As you can see by the apparent introduction, I live, breathe, and sleep Digital! A phenomenon that took the whole world by storm is my forte, and now, it can be yours too. Follow me through this journey as I guide you along the digital pathway. There’s only one way, and it’s here! Welcome Aboard!

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