Will Entrepreneurs be able to redefine their Business Processes using Digital Growth Strategies?

published on 02 January 2022

If being digital was as simple as installing an extension, every business would have been a digital success by now.

In fact, I’ll even go ahead and say that it’s harder to compete in the digital world than competing for a radio ad spot and vice versa.

Digital Marketing is easily accessible. Any company, today, can decide to invest in a paid ad and hire a freelancer on the spot to do the honors. The higher the accessibility, the higher the competition.

Here are some Digital Growth Strategies you can follow to redefine your Business Process.

1. Engagement should be a priority

Marketing on a Digital platform is very different from doing the same traditionally. Digital Marketing is like a permanent residence. Let me explain. Let’s say you want to increase your brand presence, especially on Google, therefore you decide to write a series of SEO-based blogs. Know that they’re going to stay on the web forever unless you willingly want to delete it. This is unlike Traditional Marketing that involves having to place the same ad cleverly at multiple time slots and multiple channels on a temporary basis.

Therefore, catching attention isn’t really the problem online, holding onto that attention is.

Engaging with your audience on a regular basis through social media posts on similar interests and trending topics will make them want to stay on your page and root for you. Don’t forget to streamline content and promote the same on as many platforms as possible for visibility.

2. Try your hand in Retargeting

Ever since this innovation has set foot on the land, marketers have gone insane trying to figure out how and why it is so effective.

Due to the easy accessibility of product/service information on an online shop, buyers tend to mindlessly scroll through the collection without even deciding whether or not to buy it. Or worse, they tend to prolong the decision even more by going to other competitors’ sites to double-check their interest in order. It is, after all, a human tendency to look for more options out of greed.

To reiterate their attention back to you, retargeting as a digital growth strategy will never go in vain.

3. Invest in Giveaways

This works like magic. Customers love free products. It not only makes them squeal in joy but also instills a kind of credibility in their eyes for you, even if the product they received didn’t match their expectations.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate this growth strategy into your Digital Marketing plan.

  1. You can partner up with influencers with the same audience base as you need.
  2. You can partner with other corporations and make it a two-way giveaway for maximum benefits.
  3. You can use this tactic like how you treat a tripwire, plotting a sample to sell high value products later on.

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