What are the 5 Myths when taking your Business Online?

published on 02 January 2022

When one is planning to take their Business Online, you have practically done the right thing.
Now don’t let your emotions stop you.

These 5 Myths can basically stop you!
But don’t let that happen

  1. There is no way I can compete with the Online Seller.
    Ans: Why? They were once selling Offline, They are the same people who are selling online. Don’t let that dampen your spirit.
  2. Online Marketing is only for Big Businesses.
    Ans: Online Marketing is for every Business out there. You can do it too!
  3. I have zero knowledge of Digital Marketing. I can’t do this for my Business.
    Ans: It’s okay. Don’t worry. Let’s get in touch. I will help you out.
  4. Someone told me that I can’t make money online.
    Ans: Do you know every large Business in this world right now is powered by an Online Business medium. There’s a lot of potentials out there.
  5. I will need to invest a lot of money if I plan to go for Online Business.
    Ans: You can start your Online business journey with as low as $200. That comes to Rs. 15,000.

Get started now!

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