Unleashing Your Business Online

published on 02 January 2022

If you’ve followed our blogs and posts with a keen eye till now, you’ll know that we follow a step-by-step procedure for unleashing business online. And if you’re here by the means of that, congratulations! We’re almost at the end. You did well.

And for those who are visiting this site for the first time, I highly recommend you start this journey with us from the top.

Till now, we learned how to set up a website, how to integrate it with social media, and how to use different marketing methods to grow your business organically. Today, we’re going to talk about the different ways, tools, and platforms with which we can place our ads successfully.

Let’s assume you’re selling my book. By now you’ll know that I target people like you – ambitious entrepreneurs who want to delve deep into the future of Business i.e. unabashedly Digital. So, where do you think I’ll meet people like you online? Will my target audience be busy posting memes on Instagram all day? Or perhaps, reading news on how the stock market is at its day’s high?

Maybe they’re googling something on the lines of, “digital business” as we talk

Before they know it, they’ll be in my sales funnel loop. All thanks to the paid ads I’ll be running along with SEO, which I’ll talk about later, right after I address what needs to be said.

Please know that the little money you’ll be investing dreadfully in Marketing today is going to run for however long you want and give you returns worth millions someday. Start compounding instead of cribbing.

Now, let’s talk about the many tools we can use to deliver the best course of ads by continuing the example of selling my book.

Till now, we’ve established what our target audience looks like and guessed where we could find them.

Let’s say they’re active on Twitter and Amazon. What I typically do is, post my ad a week before my actual plan starts. Yes, one week is enough to come to know the kind of ROI I’ll be drawing on this platform. Assuming I got more traction on Twitter, I’ll scale my ad spent there while reducing my costs on other platforms.

All this while, I’ll also be redirecting leads to my mailing list and letting my autoresponder take the mic from there.

How will autoresponder help increase my ROI?

Familiar with the concept of “tripwire”? I’m sure most of us have been a victim of this without evening understanding what it’s meant for.

Tripwire Marketing is the practice of offering your leads a low-cost product initially with the intention of selling them more expensive products at a later stage. When you buy a cost-effective product from a company and give them your contact details in return, you’re more susceptible to buying from them later now that you’ll always be updated on what’s new in their business through the mail and a few social media triggers here and there.

In my case, I’m clear about which platform I want my audience to go back to. My own website and Amazon. Any ads that I run from anywhere in the world of social media will redirect my audience to either of those two.

Some platforms/tools that you need to run your ads on are –

  1. Facebook Ads – With the help of Facebook Ads, I can run my ads on both Facebook as well as Instagram. Most of the crowd online have signed up on either of these, so it’s definitely worth a try.
  2. Quora – Short for Question and Answers, Quora is a popular platform where people ask and answer each other’s doubts. The best part about this platform is that it has its very own spot at the top of the search results, which gives you higher chances of appearing on the web without having to spend hours scrambling for strategies for SEO.
  3. Amazon Ads – May it be for book or groceries, Amazon is smart at placing your ads where it’s needed.
  4. LinkedIn – If you have an audience like me, who would rather spend their quality time scrolling through LinkedIn than accessing other addictive social media platforms all day, LinkedIn Ads are going to help you more than you can imagine.

When you think Long Term, you realize that there are so many possibilities around you, it’s as if somebody suddenly slid open the drapes that were obstructing the sunny future you were meant to witness.

If you wish to know the strategy I’ll be using to promote my book on multiple platforms, well, go ahead and give it a look. See you there!

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