My Journey of Becoming an Author

published on 02 January 2022

Before this lockdown period, I got a chance to attend a Seminar. My life was about to change forever.

Before I jump into it, Let me share my story with you.

I come from a Commerce Background, with a Professional degree in Fintech from SP Jain School of Global Management and Masters in Investment and Finance from Queen Mary University of London.

Sounds good?

Let me tell you, and I have failed many times in life.

My first four startups failed because I couldn’t market them. Marketing was a crucial element that I royally ignored.

I learned my lessons the hard way. I have to go through a massive learning curve to build my foundation more reliable and provide value to my efforts.

Let’s begin my journey of becoming an author!

A great product can also fail if the marketing doesn’t happen the way it should.

by Shubham Bapna

Coming back to the month of Feb-March, before the lockdown period. I happened to attend this seminar of Mr. Arfeen Khan, The Incredible You. 

I got the most significant breakthrough in my life. This was one of the most remarkable moments in my life, for which I’m forever grateful.

The part of my life had always wanted to change for good, and now was the time. After analyzing my life, I knew I had to do a few things to help me stand out from the crowd.

That’s when I started writing my first book. 

This book was going to be about Digital Business. Since I run a Digital Marketing company in Mumbai, this was a topic I was very comfortable with.

So after unlearning, relearning, and going through a massive learning curve, I managed to write my book, which has now been featured in Times of IndiaYourstory, and other prominent places.

The book is called Unleash Your Business Online!

Discover How To Grow Your Business Online. Build A Long Lasting Brand And Sell More Than your Competitors.

Want to get yourself a copy? (My Journey of becoming an author)

You can check these two links here:

Hardcopy: HERE

eBook: HERE

What is the book all about?

Exponential Digital growth strategies for Business Owners to Increase their Sales and grow their Brand Online.

If you are a business owner who is struggling with their business in this COVID-19? 

If you want to create an online presence of your brand? But don’t know how to? 

Do you want to make your competitors jealous of your successful online living? 

If you said “YES” to any of the above questions then you should read on…My name is Shubham Bapna and & I am a well-known Digital Success Coach, Author, Speaker, and the Founder of Exponential Online Business Mastermind.

My mission is to provide these strategies to Million+ Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs in Exponentially grossing their business online in the next 5 years, and therefore, I am offering you my ebook Unleash Your Business Online!

This will enable Entrepreneurs to get access to High Converting Digital Growth strategies which can Increase their Sales and grow their Brand Online 

I got a chance to get Interviewed by none other than, Mr. Arfeen Khan, my Coach, and Mentor.

Go ahead and check out my book.

You can check these two links here:

Hardcopy: HERE

eBook: HERE

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