How Shubham Bapna became a Digital Success Coach with the help of ARFEEN KHAN and COACH TO A FORTUNE blueprint.

updated on 31 December 2021

“My mentor said, ‘Let’s go do it,’ not ‘You go do it.’ How powerful when someone says, ‘Let’s go!'

 — Jim Rohn

Isn’t that quote powerful?

When I struggled through my personal life with a lack of clarity and self-confidence issues, I used to fail at many things. I used to run behind every shiny object I could come across and try to become the best. I was becoming the jack of all and king of nothing.

I was giving my full force only to realize I was heading in the wrong direction. My whole life was sometimes a lie about who I am, what I like. It takes much courage to put it right here on the web. Bringing out the facts and thoughts which have made my mind go haywire can become very dangerous. 

One day, while searching via life solutions, I learned how to transform my life. It seemed to spark my brain and trigger something. I didn’t know what it was until I went ahead and registered myself. There was a high chance that this could be yet another Motivational Seminar, which gives you highs and brings you back to the ground only to realize that it was the situation that made you feel; everything is all right.

By making smart decisions in life, we can change the whole course of our Journey. Let’s start with fundamental decisions like Getting up early or hitting the gym. It can be anything. 

Similarly, when you need to step on to another level in life, you will need to bring in a massive change in the direction of your life. The change has to come from within you. You can refer to the YouTube videos or even some blogs online. The primary thing that you’ll miss is the group of dedicated individuals who are willing to be a part of your successful Journey. You can choose to take the path alone or with your fellow friends who have a similar mindset for transformation. 

The #1 reason I joined CTF- Coach to Fortune was because of the fellow coaches who were always there to support and guide me. With the help of Arfeen sir and his team, I was able to bring massive transformation in my personal and professional life. Things started to turn out very favorable. 

It was no motivational talk, but a path that made me realize the potential and achieve what I thought was impossible. 

Aarzoo Shah and Harsh Shah, a brother-sister duo, have been a support from the beginning. They were always there to push me to achieve more. I think that only happens when you have the right set of people around you. 

Take your timeout and reach out to the team to know more about CTF. 

Coach to Fortune can change your life provided you take action. 

Without action, everything becomes just a mere thought. 

With a 90-day action plan, I was able to publish my own book. Read this blog to know more about How I Became an Author

Every mentee needs a mentor who has walked his path and faced all the challenges. In my pursuit of excellence, I came across Mr. Arfeen Khan.

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