Is it possible for business owners to use Digital Marketing to grow their Brand Online?

published on 02 January 2022

At a distance, Digital Marketing looks like a complex subject that is better left untouched. But the world also knows the reaps it offers at a nominal cost. At some point, you’re confused. “Is Digital Marketing worth it to grow business?” And for people like you, there’s me, telling you exactly why Digital Marketing is an unforgettable journey that is sure to lead your path to success.

Nowadays, having a website is not enough. Website is, no doubt, a great way of showing the world what you are, what you offer, and why they should root for you. Simply put, it’s a modern-day business card. But how will the world come across your business card when you’re not even making the efforts of distributing them? Unless you’re a well-known brand, you cannot expect people to randomly search your name on Google and wait for you to woo them. You have to make efforts to stay in their minds and become a part of their lives. And those efforts are known as Digital Marketing! Let’s see how Digital Marketing can help you –

1. Global Reach

“The world has become a global village.”

There are no borders in the Digital World. A start-up located in a small town in Gujarat can target a city as big as Tokyo in the realms of Japan. In the online world, anything is possible.

Online marketing allows ad campaigns to be visible everywhere in the world. Small start-ups are at luck as it gives them the rare opportunity to go global without having to be a multi-million dollar company with a more than hefty budget to create offices in areas worldwide.

If you are an ambitious, growth-oriented leader, the path online is the way to go! 

2. Measurable Results

There was a time when you would have to make ads without keeping any expectations on how well they will be received by the audience. No doubt, a lot of progress came thereafter, in the Traditional Ad World but it still failed to give marketers solid results, to a point where they had to wait for weeks or months together to get in touch with numbers and statistics for one ad campaign. Stressing on “one”.

Measuring results is important. You’ll know where you’re going wrong and in contrast, what strategies are working, and accordingly make a comeback with a bang.

With Online Marketing, you can measure results almost immediately, even simultaneously as the ad is performing.

Email marketing software allows marketers to track how many emails were delivered, how many read or ignored, and study the conversion rates. Google Analytics, on the other hand, lets you choose specific goals for your website and blogs and then monitors its effectiveness. You can know how many people viewed your ads, how they came across your ads, what made them convert, etc. Need I say more?

3. Segmentation

Segmentation is the act of breaking down large groups of the audience into smaller ones according to unique classifications. It can be based on gender, social class, or even behavioral patterns. Digital Marketing to Grow Businesses

For instance, a brand that sells menstrual hygiene products has women as its main target. A TV advertisement targets households regardless of whether or not a woman is watching it. The same goes with newspapers or billboards.

Digital ad campaigns can choose to target only and only women on digital platforms, resulting in focused marketing and little to no waste of money.

4. Low cost

Oftentimes, Marketing is seen as a liability by companies because of the large number of costs it involves. You see, Traditional Marketing involved paying every creator to a middleman to distributor involved in displaying your ad on TV. A feature on the Billboard was no less than seven trailing 0’s. And an appearance in cinema theatres… something that no small to medium-sized company could ever dream of.

Online marketing is a savior for all sorts of companies as it incurs only a few bucks depending on your budget and you can measure its ROMI too, for future reference.

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