How to begin your Business journey into Automation business automation

published on 02 January 2022

Even now, numerous small companies use 100% manual, paper-based systems to process claims. They’re the same people who think sales calls are effective and cash or cheque are the only ways to process transactions. 

For such entrepreneurs, I have only one question – “How long will it take until you realize that you will have to adapt to Business Automation tools sooner or later?”

And my answer to any of your replies will follow with, “then why not sooner than later?”

You must understand that if you’re putting your money into something that’s helping you, it’s known as an investment and not an expense.

Technology is going to take over our world and Automation is going to be permanently etched into our future. What are you seriously waiting for?

If you need a little more convincing, let me tell you some benefits of incorporating automation tools into your business.

  1. Now, your employee can concentrate on more dynamic styles of work and be of a helping hand for things that really need human attention by letting business automated tools take care of their previously subjected monotonous work. This will, in turn, increase productivity in your company.
  2. Even the slightest of errors that have a possibility of occurring due to a human taking responsibility for it can be erased by business automated tools. Remember, machines never make mistakes.
  3. Your work can be done 10 times faster with a bot working for you.

Let’s venture into the “How”.

1. Pick the easiest to process first

Know that bringing about automation into your business is going to change the lifestyle of your business and workers forever. By incorporating the easy ones first, you’re buying time for you and your employees to process and adapt to the change, too.

For instance, you can start by automating your transaction process first, something that did not necessarily need human assistance majorly to begin with. You can add more tools into your business one by one.

2. Some Must-Have Business Automation Tools

The only problem with Automation is that ever since its discovery, a large number of tools have seen their inception, even the ones that are extremely impractical. Many Business Owners use them with much enthusiasm and excitement, only to get severely disappointed later.

Therefore, I thought it will be a good idea to jot down some must-have tools so that you can carefully choose what you need and not get lured by other attractive but pointless options.

  • Chatbots for smooth communication
  • Marketing & Sales Automation Tools like ActiveCampaign
  • Automated Email responses like Autoresponder
  • Automated Invoices
  • CRM Automation

3. Set Automation Targets

The reason why I advised using easy processes, to begin with, is so that we can calculate the ROI we get with that, accordingly. By setting a target for each individual automation tool, you will know what tools are working in your favor and which ones are better left in the discard bin.

It is advisable to do this at the earliest before your workforce gets used to this routine and is dependent on it. After experimenting and reviewing a couple more automated tools successfully, you can finally come up with a permanent plan that will include the chosen tools and perfectly blend with your overall business portfolio.

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