How can Entrepreneurs use fresh Digital Strategies to Grow Business Online?

published on 02 January 2022

The inception of the Internet has definitely changed the lives of many, especially the lives of business owners, now that they can finally advertise their offerings without having to sell both their kidneys for it to grow business online. You see, once upon a time, the larger-than-life traditional advertising was only meant for multi-national companies, for whom spending a few lakhs was nothing dreadful. Today, the once evident line between small and large businesses has blurred, thanks to Digitization.

As the Digital World keeps evolving, it’s hard to pick the right digital strategies for your business out of so many options spread out like a platter. Here are some effective Digital strategies that we think needs your attention –


Did you know that only 2% of visitors buy goods on their first trip to a site? The rest 98% return for numerous reasons, “exploring more options” being one among them.

Unless you want to voluntarily lose the 98% for eternity, here’s what you can do –

With the help of website data & analytics, you can choose the particular users who showed interest in your page but didn’t take the required action and tag them as “site visitors”, so that the next time you advertise your content, you can choose to target them specifically for a recall ad. It’s effective because you’re targeting value-adding customers and not a completely new set of eyes that will take their own sweet time to get familiar with you. They’re already ahead in the customer lifecycle journey, which means it’s easier to convert them than to convert the rest of your target audience that doesn’t even know you yet resulting grow business online.

The only problem is, ever since this innovation set foot in the market, it has been used up like crazy. With a customer seeing so many retargeting ads, chances are they might not even notice you. Too many retargeting ads from a specific brand may even lead to a customer being extra careful to open their website the next time, knowing that they’ll be pestered with one too many ads later on if they don’t purchase the product. Therefore, be sure to not go overboard with it.

While choosing to show ads, you have an option for its duration

Typically, companies choose 30 days to retarget those prospects, which means they’ll consecutively see your ads for 30 days straight to grow business online. At this rate, you will even be able to see the fumes coming out of the prospects’ ears.

Another common mistake that companies make is that they target every human being who visited their website, even the ones who literally showed their existence for a minute. It’s a complete waste of time to target such visitors because the truth is, with only a minute to spare, they might have just not found your offerings interesting enough.

To conclude, retargeting will work wonders IF you’re unique and a little picky about it.

Gmail Ads

Throughout the Marketing evolutionary years, I’ve seen many people recommend Instagram, Facebook, and Google ads, which is good but what intrigues me is that almost nobody I know has ever explored the possibility of Gmail Ads as a part of their online growth strategy.

Do you use Gmail daily? If so, how many times in a day do you check your inbox? The average answer for both will be yes and at the most twice daily. Of course, this also depends on the age group you or your target audience belongs to. If your audience belongs to the 21 to 50 y/o bracket, do give this a try!

This will work best with existing customers, who are used to seeing your ads on social handles and are a part of your mailing list.

The best part about Gmail Ads is that you have higher chances of converting your competitors’ customers because of their all-new feature of “competitor keywords”. It’s pretty obvious that your competitors are updating their customers on mail and mentioning their brand terms whilst at it. By targeting those same terms/keywords, you can show up in their inboxes effortlessly and hopefully change their minds again beneficial for growing business online.

Affiliate Marketing & Reward System

An underrated gem is what I like to call this style of Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing was pretty famous when it first came out. Almost every company at that time jumped on this bandwagon.

Today, this strategy has sunk like a Titanic. It’s almost funny how conveniently marketers forget about the rave it created all around and to think that it’s not even considered in one Marketing campaign now is beyond me.

Affiliate Marketing is the old-school style of Lead Generation. It costs little to no money and is still as effective as ever. Let me quickly introduce you to this concept if you don’t already know.

Affiliate Marketing is performance-based marketing, where a business rewards an affiliate for each customer it brings on board. Many health and beauty product-based companies like Amway and Modicare still use this style of Marketing but in their own unique way. Depending on your business, you can do the same by attaching more unique programs to it. For eg. This is, more or less, taken care of offline, but have you thought of building the same network online instead?

Let’s say you sell directly to consumers. You can experiment with something similar that goes by the name of “Reward System”, where the higher conversions your customers bring to the table, the greater their chances of winning a prize. Make sure the prize is worth the wait though.

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