Creating a Sales Funnel

published on 01 January 2022

Sales Funnel is one of the most important topics to cover in Digital Marketing. In fact, let me even go out of my way and say that it’s my most favorite technique to use among the rest, something that I always go back to no matter how many new and advanced innovations mark their presence in the Marketing World.

What’s special about Sales Funnel is that it takes into consideration the behavioral patterns of a typical buyer, right from the moment they come across your brand till they end up becoming a part of your loyal customer base.

Let me quickly explain in brief what Sales Funnel is made up of before moving on to its creation.

Imagine a funnel, a shape of a cup that is wider at the top and gets narrow as you go down. Now divide it into three equal parts, these three parts are extremely important as they individually play their role in attracting the customers.

  1. Lead Generation – Creating Awareness
  2. Lead Nurturing – Creating Interest
  3. Sales – Ultimate goal that involves buyer making the purchase.

Creating a Sales Funnel involves 4 steps that lead to your ultimate goal i.e. to see your customers purchasing your product/service. They are –


This can also be perceived as a general overview of a buyer’s behavior.

When you learn to combine the two distinct diversification that I made while explaining what Sales Funnel is, I can guarantee you that you’re ready to create one yourself. The above aspects go hand-in-hand and so should your plans.

Creating a Sales Funnel
Step 1-

First, build a website with a landing page. Any page of your website that has one or more lead-generating elements embedded in it becomes your landing page. Lead Generating Elements?

I’m sure you will facepalm yourself at least a dozen times when you come to know what they are because that’s how many times you’ve come across them without even knowing what that was meant for.

It can be as simple as a Call to Action, a simple phrase attached with a hyperlink/clickable button that compels you to take an action.

It can also be in the form of a pop-up that asks you to voluntarily give your information in exchange for something valuable. More on that later.

Step 2 -

Did you know that even the most expensive marketing campaign can go in vain if what you offer is bombarded with negative reviews? In fact, even one horribly negative review is enough to destroy your hard-earned goodwill.

I don’t know about you but one major thing that this proves to me is that a customer’s review is viewed as more reliable than even the best of best ad campaigns marketed by their favorite celebrities.

Now that you know this, how can you take advantage of the situation? Testimonials!

Testimonials in a video or a graphic format on your home page act as social proof or material evidence of how well your offerings have been received and immediately create interest and trust in the subconscious of your customer.

Step 3 -

One of the basic rules of Digital Marketing is that you must make sure that a customer is not leaving your website without giving something back to you. It does not necessarily have to be them purchasing your goods. In this case, it can mean their contact information. Sadly, many businesses stay unsuccessful at this nor do they realize the importance of it until the very end.

To continue what I mentioned in the first step, a “pop up” or a simple slide that encourages a user to give their information in return for something valuable to them goes a long way in helping you in future instances. Hereby, you can keep them updated through SMS or trail of emails on your offerings, special offers, blogs, etc. that can induce interest in them from time to time. This directs them to make a decision and hopefully, later, to take any action.

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There is More!

Sales Funnel helps you every step of the way, thereby earning its name as one of the most valuable creations in Digital Marketing.

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