All you need to know about Digital Marketing! Should you have an in-house team or outsource it?

published on 02 January 2022

In-house or Out-source? Let’s put this argument to an end!

There comes a time in every business owner’s life when they have to choose between in-house and out-sourcing. I won’t lie; it is a difficult task, especially because there are so many parameters involved in making that decision. Though I personally lean towards out-sourcing more and I’ll tell you why and more on that later, I won’t keep you in the dark, either, about what can be done in-house. Let’s learn in brief about all the thing digital marketing & other services.

The argument can go on and on about what’s better and what’s not, but I won’t like to contribute. Both have pros and cons, and I would much rather like to tell you how both can co-exist than to stick my head in the debate.

Here are two critical roles that should be outsourced at all costs and some better in-house roles. 

For what roles do you need Out-sourcing?

1. Software Development

Out-sourcing Software Developers have become a common practice now. The numbers speak for themselves. Since the year 2000, the size of the global out-sourcing market has doubled. Why is it that top companies like Google and Skype prefer out-sourcing their developers over having an in-house team? Well, would you prefer having one software developer work for you against a whole team? Out-sourcing developers give you immediate access to a well-qualified, talented pool of candidates—a team working together to make your company the best. And the best part is, it’s more cost-effective than hiring one or two developers on your own.

Out-sourcing developers come especially in handy when you’re thinking of expansion. Expanding into new markets is one of the primary goals of any company. Software out-sourcing companies have multidisciplinary development teams that feature various competency centers, like JavaScript, React Native, etc. If you’re thinking of expansion now or in the future, their expertise can efficiently poise your enterprise.

2. Digital Marketing

It’s about time the world realized the importance of digital marketing. Well, better late than never, right?

Out-sourcing a digital marketing agency gives you access to everyone from CEOs to designers. One of the many advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency is that you have enough proof of their results right in front of you. You can easily take a look at their portfolio and judge for yourself. In the digital world where trends are emerging every other day, it’s tough to keep up with them, and not to mention, it takes up a lot of your time hunting down and joining in on the trend, too. Ad agencies are not just well-read; digital marketing agencies create the trends you see today!

Since they’ve handled many accounts, chances are they’ve handled business like yours too. This eliminates the worries of having to explain your full product and market all over again.

With an in-house team, there is a limit in number, and hence, a significant compromise in the quality as well.

For what roles do you need an in-house team?

For small businesses, out-sourcing seems to be a blessing. In many ways, it is. But some things should be kept as an internal affair. Let’s put it in a better way.

The critical activities of any company should always be in-house. Finance and accounting are the backbones of any business. Therefore, it becomes even more vital to make a wise decision here. Accounting needs vary from time to time, depending on the financial situation. In such a case, hiring an out-sourcing team can prove to be more costly than hiring your accountant. Even as your company progresses and you’re planning for an expansion, your accounting needs are bound to change. With an in-house team, you will be able to train them efficiently, and there won’t be any communication gap.

Similarly, departments such as Quality control and management play a critical role in sustaining your business. Though hiring an in-house team seems expensive at first, as origination and servicing volumes increase, the cost of in-house is likely to subside.

Customer service is another such role that should be in-house. One can afford to take services from an outsourced call center or even better; many digital marketing agencies include this in their package too, but the final customer complaint resolution has to be taken care of by an in-house team.

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