3 Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs who wish to Increase Sales and Grow Business by Multifold

published on 02 January 2022

For you to find a solution to literally anything, you need to first dissect the root problem to identify the problem that exactly what is stopping the increased business sales. Sounds simple but it really isn’t. You see, problems double in size if you don’t tackle it in the first round itself. It’s like that villain in your favorite video game.

In this case, ask yourself– What aspects are limiting me to grow my business exponentially?

Some common problems that business owners, especially small business players, face are –

  1. Capital Issues
  2. Inability to hire experienced Marketers
  3. Therefore, difficulty in attracting new customers
  4. and increasing sales
  5. Lack of Brand Equity

If you look closely, you’ll understand that this is indeed a vicious cycle. Lack of capital can lead to many problems and once you’re trapped in it, it’s hard to find the exit.
But then there also come a few hacks that, once integrated into your plan, can help you dodge this cycle from a mile away. The good news is that there’s an alternative to everything! You don’t always need a hefty budget to create a masterpiece.
Keeping the zest intact, let’s quickly run through some practical tips to grow your business by multifold without incurring multifold costs.

1. Offer Excellent Customer Service

So what if you don’t have a budget with three 0’s at the back to conclude it as a successful campaign? If you’re falling short on something, you can always make up for it by incorporating other alternatives. In this case, customer service!
One of the topmost priorities of businesses is to make a loyal base of our own. What better way to do that than to engage with your customers as and when they need you? And even going out of your way to make their buying experience better? 
Customer service also gives your brand that human touch, which instantly makes your company look more familiar in the eyes of your audience which is helpful to increase business sales.

2. Participate in Viral Marketing

The first and foremost step to attracting your customers is to be where they are. Lucky for you, social media has successfully grasped the attention of the entire human race, hence making it easier to find them since they’re all a part of the grand Digital world now.
Think like your customer. Knowing them, which online platform do you think they’ll frequent the most? It can be Instagram or even Quora.
Once you know that right, start making content on topics that will interest them. You must understand that social media marketing is very different from traditional marketing like TV and print ads. On social media, your sole focus should not be to promote your product or brand but to engage and interact with your audience. For instance, let’s assume you’re a condom brand. Rather than promoting your product everywhere, start investing your time in researching and writing content on, let’s say, Sex Education, a subject that revolves around your product’s identity but does not directly promote your product.
In this case, your goal must be to gather a fan base rather than sell your products. Eventually, both will help increase sales anyway.
Other than this, start participating in topical marketing. Creating topical content is to create content that links to a current news story or something relevant at the moment.
Again, think like a customer. If I were in their boots, would I have shared this piece of content?
Yes? Then go ahead!

3. Testimonials are effective

We live in times where even bread as a product has 100 different alternatives to choose from. Of course, every brand will go out of their way each time to tell you why their product is the best among the rest. Customers are often cornered into a tough spot and instantly develop (what millennials like to call) trust issues! These are the best factors to increase business sales
In such a scenario, customers seek solace in other customers since they assume they’ll know their situation the best.
The simplest way to put this – Testimonials are important. Always encourage it! A review box on your home page or even better, a testimonial video that welcomes the user as soon as they click on the home page will work wonders.

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