3 Must-Try Growth Hacks and Digital Marketing for Business to Increase Sales

published on 02 January 2022

Feeling stagnant? Wondering why you cannot increase sales?

If you have an amazing product to offer and a great potential in the market. 

Don’t you feel it’s a little unfair that you’re not letting people see that?

If you’re expecting them to magically discover you in this online world where a billion of your other competitors reside, well, you will have to wait for a couple more decades.

Over the years, Marketing has earned the name of being expensive.

An intimidating world that is better left untouched.
I agree, back in the day when the Internet did not exist, the only way to advertise your offerings was through Billboards and TVs, the platforms that will easily cost you both your kidneys. Back then, Marketing was a privilege.

I can’t stress enough how much the world has changed since then and why people should finally get it. Slowly everybody had access to the Internet. Platforms like YouTube and Facebook came to rule the Empire.

And the most exciting of all, Marketing became accessible and affordable! That’s right! Digital Marketing has been a need-of-the-hour solution, and gravely adored by all.

So if you’re still entertaining the inhibitions that come with Digital Marketing for business only because it seems expensive, please bid them a sweet goodbye right about now.

Now, let’s explore the best options for you to be visible in your market and to be on top of your game.

Create a Buzz through Email and Social Media Marketing

You know how movie trailers work, right? They are released with the intention of creating hype around the world. Even big productions like Marvel and DC invest in trailers even though I’m sure the audience will go to watch their movies anyway.

But, creating hype and watching people wait enthusiastically for your project to finally roll on the floor is an ethereal feeling in itself. Creating hype definitely adds up to your profit. Why do you think non Superhero fans, too, wait in long lines to watch their movies?

Now, you don’t need to go overboard or spend thousands of dollars to achieve that. Simply invest in Email and Social Media Marketing well before your latest project releases.

These types of Digital Marketing for businesses never go wrong. Email Marketing can be used to notify the users about your latest collection and portfolio.
Whereas, you can use social media to create content around your products.

Video Marketing

Now I know this is not the most affordable trick in the book but I’ve added it here for a reason.

Diode Digital recently found out that an online video is 600% more effective as a marketing tool than print and direct mail combined.

Let me ask you a simple question. If you had to choose between reading a 3 page long tutorial on making shaved ice and watching a 3-minute video on the same, what would you choose?
Videos are attractive, convenient, engaging, and take lesser time to watch than to go through a static website.

Have you heard of the company Dollar Shave Club? It took one quirky video from them to change their lives forever. Who would have thought that a budget of $4500 on one video would make them a market valuation of $1 billion?

There are many video-making styles that you can try. It can be as simple as a few graphics combined and a narration from the back that presents the idea of your offering in under 2 minutes.

Or it can be the usual commercial with an actual script, 2 cameras, and 1 editing software, enough to make up the whole video.


Long before FacebookSnapchat, and Instagram permanently became the face of Social Networking, Google Plus also showed tons of potential right when it started and was a success for a solid 2-3 years.

Apart from coming under a well-known brand, why do you think people dissuaded from Facebook, the biggest platform at that time, to join Google Plus?

The most underrated growth hack at that time did the magic to increase sales!

Exclusivity is the style of showcasing your scheme in such a way to your target audience that it feels as though they’re exclusively invited to your platform. Pinterest, too, did this wonderfully.

Before it became a phenomenon that is known to the world today, it started small and at the banks of this growth hack to increase sales.

The specially invited one set of the crowd so that they feel the need to flaunt, whereas the other set eventually got invited or signed up out of FOMO (fear of missing out). Now that’s the type of result that anybody would want to achieve, right?

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