3 Cost-Effective Business Growth Hacks you must absolutely bet your money on!

published on 02 January 2022

Want to market your business but don’t have as much money as your competitors to invest? Every problem has a solution, including this. Scroll down for business growth hacks!

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and Social Media Marketing is slowly becoming the blast from the bygone now that a humongous amount of business growth hacks and techniques have mounted the frame.

Business growth hacks, in essence, are used for short-term marketing goals with the aim to grow your business. It involves experimenting with different marketing tactics, ad strategies, web design, etc. They often incur little to almost no cost.

Here are some incredible business growth hacks you can incorporate into your business that need no hefty costs.

1. Partnership

The partnership is a very different form of marketing compared to the common and regular marketing strategies that are bound to cost-cutting and long-term advisory. Partnerships are powerful as it’s two-way relationship, where you get the chance to influence not one, but many areas of businesses.

Fun Fact – PayPal wouldn’t have been what it is now if it wasn’t for their life-changing decision to partner up with one particular company. eBay! Ever since eBay made PayPal its most preferred payment platform, its business growth skyrocketed.

You don’t have to be in the same field as the company of your choice to partner up with them. Uber x Spotify’s success is another such partnership that earned its name down history.

2. Exclusivity

Today, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat may be the most popular social media platforms worldwide but do you remember the day when Orkut was a thing, Omegle was cool and Google+ had almost replaced Facebook?

Google+ may not be the most successful network now, in fact, even when it first came out, it didn’t see the engagement that was they had expected for a known label. It is one little growth hack that they implemented that made them the next big thing of yesterday.

Instead of marketing endlessly and inviting anybody and everybody on their platform, they chose Reverse Psychology. Google started offering accounts to only a select few. An invite-only basis.

Let me tell you, we live in an era where FOMO and Flexing are the only emotions known to mankind. They knew that and made the most of it, thus being a success. But as I said, these hacks are used for the short term as business growth is a process. It takes time and you cannot use the same funda over and over again. Nonetheless, this strategy is applauded worthy and not to mention, gutsy.

3. Gamification

Gamification is basically the usage of points and rankings to trigger customer behavior. It’s the oldest and the most prevalent trick in the book and works wonders.

Points hold power in more ways than you know. You see, humans, from the very beginning, have been conditioned to stay in this invisible competition keeping their heads down. So what do Smart Marketers do? They see an opportunity and accordingly take advantage!

Gamification is a gaming technique that gives your customer a feeling of achievement and in turn, makes them loyal. It’s a great strategy to use when you’re looking to build a strong base wherein you want to turn mere visitors or infrequent customers into loyal and dedicated ones.

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