Promotion Offers

Promotion Offers that cannot be ignored by customers

Promotion Offers that cannot be ignored by customers

Once upon a time, promotion offers and discounts were a catalyst of worry for business owners. Though it would bring in a lot of customers, the havoc of making and distributing discount coupons, containing the rush in the evenings, dealing with bargaining, etc. for a marginal amount in return was not worth it.

Today, in the Digital World, promotion offers are seen as a gateway to lead generation. With advanced tracking and easy access to customer data, all you have to do is nurture the leads that came for the discount and wait for the magic to happen.

Before moving onto the crux of this blog, I would like to clarify one thing.
Promotion Offers do not always mean a cut on the fixed price. Read it again.

Offers, or let’s call it Promoters, come in various forms and not just as mere discounts. In fact, in the Marketing World, this topic itself stands alone as a significant chapter. Want to know more? Let’s see what we have in store.


“Discount? Not bad.
Wait, only 1 left? Add to cart!”

Don’t get me wrong, discounts are good. But with the growing competition in businesses comes the competition in seasonal discounts as well. Diwali is a feast for regular online shoppers, with so many websites storming in to make their day. When customers are welcomed with so many discounts, the idea of discount itself isreduced to nothing in their minds. What do we do? We go one step further and incorporate an additional strategy that uses psychology to pull their triggers and makes sure you don’t go unnoticed.

Gamification is the act of showing artificial scarcity to up your sales. By putting a limit on your inventory, you lay two intriguing seeds into the minds of your customer. 1. The products are automatically seen as superior and high in demand. 2. They trigger the feeling of fear of missing out, a recurrent emotion that is deeply evident in every person belonging to the social media world.

Influencer Marketing

According to Forbes, Influencer Marketing is growing faster than Digital ads. And that frankly takes me by no surprise.

In the glamourous world of Social Media, Influencers are typically placed on a high throne. There’s something about their picture-perfect lives that leaves our hearts insecure, eyes awestruck and jaws dropping, all at the same time. I don’t know about you but that looks as a cue to me for companies to barge in with their promotion offers.

While looking for an Influencer, you must first make sure that their audience matches with yours. That way, you’re targeting both your customers as well as fresh eyeballs that have the same values and interests as you. Ultimately, it’s a win-win partnership where both parties are offering amazing value to each audience.

Another advantage that comes with this form of Marketing is that you won’t need to waste time building trust. Influencers already have that rapport and a secure relationship with their audience that comes to use during these sales promotion campaigns.

Free Shipping

In a nutshell, globalization has created a borderless society. Whereas, Digitization hasamplified its effects.

Today, a tier 2 Indian resident can buy multiple products from the capital of South Korea and a group from London can flaunt off their authentic Indian handicrafts coming from a remote village of West Bengal, seamlessly. It’s a wonderful connection to witness.

The only disadvantage here is the hefty amount that one incurs with its shipping charges. In fact, nowadays, that’s the only thing that customers fear and even abandon their carts for the same reason.

When you exercise free shipping offers from time to time, you build a goodwill based on that itself and attract more customers in the process.

If you want to know how you can implement these methods without losing a penny, check out my book.

Hashtag Marketing

Hashtag Marketing, Giveaways, Coupons, there are many more forms of Sales Promotion Offers that we need to get familiar with. Unleash Your Business Online is a book tailor-made for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to set foot in the Digital market. From the what to the how-to, you’re going to have an epic ride hanging around with me for at least 2 days and 500 odd pages straight. See you there!

I am Shubham Bapna, the proud Founder and CEO of Suprstart Ventures, Mumbai’s best digital agency, a Digital Success Coach, and now, an Author. My book, Unleash Your Business Online, is about all things Digital and how you, too, can mount your Legacy online. I’m delighted to let you know that my book is up online and available today. As you can see by the apparent introduction, I live, breathe, and sleep Digital! A phenomenon that took the whole world by storm is my forte, and now, it can be yours too. Follow me through this journey as I guide you along the digital pathway. There’s only one way, and it’s here! Welcome Aboard!

Sales Funnel

Creating a Sales Funnel

Creating a Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel is one of the most important topics to cover in Digital Marketing. In fact, let me even go out of my way and say that it’s my most favorite technique to use among the rest, something that I always go back to no matter how many new and advanced innovations mark their presence in the Marketing World.

What’s special about Sales Funnel is that it takes into consideration the behavioral patterns of a typical buyer, right from the moment they come across your brand till they end up becoming a part of your loyal customer base.

Let me quickly explain in brief what Sales Funnel is made up of before moving onto its creation.

Imagine a funnel, a shape of a cup that is wider at the top and gets narrow as you go down. Now divide it into three equal parts, these three parts are extremely important as they individually play their role into attracting the customers.

  1. Lead Generation – Creating Awareness
  2. Lead Nurturing – Creating Interest
  3. Sales – Ultimate goal that involves buyer making the purchase.

Creating a Sales Funnel involves 4 steps that lead to your ultimate goal i.e. to see your customers purchasing your product/service. They are –


This can also be perceived as a general overview of a buyer’s behavior.

When you learn to combine the two distinct diversification that I made while explaining what Sales Funnel is, I can guarantee you that you’re ready to createone yourself. The above aspects go hand-in-hand and so should your plans.

Creating a Sales Funnel
Step 1-

First of, build a website with a landing page. Any page of your website that has one or more lead-generating elements embedded in it becomes your landing page. Lead Generating Elements?

I’m sure you will face palm yourself at least a dozen times when you come to know what they are because that’s how many times you’ve come across them without even knowing what that was meant for.

It can be as simple as a Call to Action, a simple phrase attached with a hyperlink/clickable button that compels you to take an action.

It can also be in the form of a pop-up that asks you to voluntarily give your information in exchange for something valuable. More on that later.

Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel

Step 2 -

Did you know that even the most expensive Marketing campaign can go in vain if what you offer is bombarded with negative reviews? In fact, even one horribly negative review is enough to destroy your hard- earned goodwill.

I don’t know about you but one major thing that this proves to me is that a customer’s review is viewed as more reliable than even the best of best ad campaigns marketed by their favorite celebrities.

Now that you know this, how can you take advantage of the situation? Testimonials!

Testimonials in a video or a graphic format on your home page acts as a social proof or a material evidence of how well your offerings have been received and immediately creates an interest and trust in the subconscious of your customer.

Step 3 -

One of the basic rules of Digital Marketing is that you must make sure that a customer is not leaving your website without giving something back to you. It does not necessarily have to be them purchasing your goods. In this case, it can mean their contact information. Sadly, many businesses stay unsuccessful at this nor do they realize the importance of it until the very end.

To continue what I mentioned in the first step, a “pop up” or a simple slide that encourages a user to give their information in return for something valuable to them goes a long way in helping you in future instances. Hereby, you can keep them updated through SMS or trail of emails on your offerings, special offers, blogs, etc. that can induce interest in them from time to time. This directs them to make a decision and hopefully, later, to take an action.

And as for giving them something in return, click on Unleash Your Business Online to witness the magic yourself and see what’s in store for you.

Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel

There is More!

Sales Funnel helps you every step of the way, thereby earning its name as one of the most valuable creations in Digital Marketing.

If I had a scale of 1 to 10,10 being the amount of knowledge stored in my book, this blog will be ranked a 3. Unleash Your Business Online answers the what, the how and most importantly, the whereabouts of all the tools involved into making the right Sales Funnel. If you’re ready to take an action, click here!


Spying on your Competitors

Spying on your Competitors


Today, even for buying something as simple as a digestive pill involves skimming through 50+ brands with 100 different flavors to make the right choice due to competitors. Even “fierce” sounds like an understated word in front of the massive market competition we are witnessing today. To a point that even customers find it stressful and infuriating at times, just the way businesses do, each time the thought of their survival crosses their mind.

But I say, let’s entertain that thought for a minute.

“Will I be able to survive?”

Let me say this point blank. You can survive as long as you know what’s up in the market, and you can top the game when you know what to do with that information.

No matter how great your product/service is, without the following two things, you cannot expect to take a quantum leap towards the success flag.

  1. Exceptional Marketing
  2. Edge over Competitors

I believe I’ve already dedicated enough blogs over my favorite subject, Digital Marketing. Today, let’s find out how we can gain the edge over our competitors and also, secretly hope that our competitors don’t come across this blog before you do.

Do you really know how many competitors you have? Look twice.

If you have a growth oriented approach, you’ll know that it’s only wise to not just consider your local competitors but also your global counterparts.

Start with the basics – A simple Google search will go a long way. Other tools like Crunchbase and LinkedIn will also help you fetch your competitors from every nook and corner.

(More tools listed in my book)


Step 2

Competition Analysis! After getting a list of your competitors, quickly scan through each one of their websites. Segment them into categories, if need be. Starting from their website design that includes structuring and the color schemes they use, to technical stuff, such as the traffic they get and what keywords they use. You can easily get access to that through Ubersuggest.

(More tools listed in my book)

Step 3

Social Media! Something that almost the entire human race cannot take their eyes, hands and mind off.

What is their style of messaging/ the tone they use?
Do they participate in Topical content?
What pattern, color, graphics do they choose to use?
What hashtags do they use?
What time and day do they usually upload their content?
How can I be better than them?

Step 4

Open Excel/Google Doc and jot all the information down. Now that you know their X+1, make sure you offer X+1+2.

Step 5

Start concentrating on making Viral content. Buzzsomo is a great website that helps you create exactly that. On the said platform, you can easily identify what content performs best for various topics or competitors. You can identify keywords, hashtags that work the best and even get information on current trending influencers.

Remember, trend is your friend. Participate in it at all costs!

The largest of agencies and brands in the market use these tools to stay relevant in these dynamic times. Do not miss out.

There you have it! A short summary on spying effectively on your competitors with the help of appropriate tools. If you have the privilege of time and money, do catch up on my book, Unleash Your Business Online that gives a greater insider and insight on the topic that we touched upon today. A nominal amount as an investment today will go a long way in shaping you for tomorrow. See you in my book!

business strategies

Identifying the Right Business Strategies

Identifying the Right Business Strategies

business strategies

After having built 4 companies, I realized one thing. No matter how much you try to note down and incorporate business strategies from the past that worked well then, it is just not going to go as you planned now. The truth is, no success comes from copied work. Even that needs a certain amount of originality to make it big. Considering the many implications, how do I identify the right business strategies? Here are some tips that will help you build better strategies.

At the beginning of your Business launch, your dopamine gets over you. You’re nervous, but in a good way. So many ideas and marketing strategies hover around your head all day. Not to forget, people around you also think it’s an appropriate time to bother your with their unsolicited advice and inputs. And what do you do? You say to yourself, “I am going to make the biggest and the best Marketing strategy that no other company has ever thought of!”

In the Digital World, there’s no shortage of tools and techniques. So as you make your strategy, you decide to experiment with most of the tools because you really do not wish for any stone to be left unturned.

Let me tell you up front, your approach and thinking, from the very beginning, was wrong. You see, most companies think that their marketing strategy is the most unique one till date, and as a result, invests tons of money into its process. And that’s exactly why most companies stay mediocre or worse, fail.

Just make sure that your website is simple to scroll through and that there is a proper call to action on each page and everywhere you post. Stick to a certain type of writing, color scheme, creatives. Magic lies in the little things. Overtime, you can make changes in it if you like but don’t go too overboard.

2. Offer Limited Options

You know what the first thing a salesperson is told while training? “Don’t give your customers too many options to choose from.”

Tapping into someone’s interest is a tricky thing. If you don’t take efforts, you’re gone for good. If you do too much, you’ll be labelled as one and your efforts will go in vain.

Therefore, keeping a number as your limit to options, not too many or too less, will be the best way to approach a customer. You’ll fascinate them without leaving them confused.

If you can’t figure out what to do or how to start, conduct a competition analysis. What do your competitors offer? If they offer X+1, offer X+1+2 but don’t escalate to higher numbers. How much do they offer? And of course, what is the price?

business strategies
business strategies

3. A Simple Checkout Process

I can’t stress enough on the importance of this. In an age where human race’s attention span is less than 10 seconds, you really think a complicated or a neglected check out process is going to make them stay?

Online shopping is a lengthy task. Half an hour of scrolling, 20 minutes of choosing. 10 minutes of blankly staring at your cart, mentally calculating and seeing what can be removed. A task that takes almost an hour to complete, can you imagine bumping into a bug at the very end of your checkout process? That’s almost as frustrating as seeing someone you hate hang out with your friend, isn’t it?

Cart abandonment is a real issue and many businesses are at the receiving end of it, breaking their heads to understand what went wrong and how to fix it. Well, read the title of this sub point. That’s the answer.

4. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a business strategy that includes providing something for free in exchange for customer information that can be of use later on.

This is the most underrated yet clever way of strategizing. With the help of the customer information, you can add those leads on your Email Autoresponder, so that you can notify them as and when you need next time. You can even use it to draw Predictive Analysis for your future Marketing plans. There is so much you can do with so little information. You can turn mere visitors into loyal customers with this simple strategy.

business strategies
business strategies
5. Join a Network Group

“Networking is the No.1 unwritten rule of success in Business.” – Sallie Krawcheck

In this Industry, Networking should be as easy as drinking a glass of water for Business Owners. A strong network gives you insights on all the industry trends and movement. Moreover, when you meet like-minded people, your motivation and confidence for doing business also stays up and mighty.

I, myself, have a group made for ambitious Business Owners like me and you, who are looking to expand their knowledge over handling business online and in Digital Marketing. In the Mastermind Group, we discuss all the different strategies, tools and tactics like the ones I’ve listed above from my book, Unleash Your Business Online. You get diverse inputs from so many people from different walks of life. It’s a treat to be inside such a power-packed room!

Want to know more?

The tips listed above were just a light brush on the surface. What’s inside is a plethora, more like an explosion of knowledge, just waiting to be read. All you have to do is open the book. That’s right! Unleash Your Business Online is a book for aspiring entrepreneurs who are eager to build their Empire online. From tips to strategies to insiders, the book takes you step-by-step towards your goal. See you there!

Creating Your Business Story

Creating your Business Story

Creating your Business Story

Creating Business Story

Continuous Process- Creating Your Business Story

“There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.” – Jimmy Neil Smith Think about it. What is a movie without an enticing story? What is history without the many diverse stories of freedom fighters blending together for a brighter future?

Let me quickly steer back to creating business before I get too philosophical. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world and I’ll tell you why shortly.

By now, you must be knowing the drill. Most of the times, my blogs are equipped with 5 burning questions that every business owner should ask him/herself before venturing into this line.

No points for guessing but yes, this blog is also going to provide 5 questions that you should ask, rather answer to the whole world through your website. And that’s how you’re going to build your business story.

A customer - business relationship is much more than just buying and selling.

To know this better, we will have to peak inside the minds of our customers.

Humans are emotion-driven, right? But what you may not know is, humans are pretty selfish as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not in the way projected in our pop culture. Let me explain. If you may have observed, we automatically get more attracted to the aspects that align with our beliefs and ideologies, don’t we? It’s an unconscious decision.

as customers, humans compare their own identity to that of the company in front
of them and identify if it can fulfill one or more need of theirs. You see, the
needs come second. Social identity comes first.

• What is the coffee brand of your choice and why did you choose it?

• What shoes do you wear and why was that your choice?

If this was enough food for thought, let me conclude the first part of my blog by putting this in simple terms.
Be Relatable, the right audience will follow.
Let’s move on to the “how” now.
How can we be Relatable to Creating Your Business Story?

Creating Business Story

Business Story

Make sure your Business Story answers these five questions –

  1. Why do you want to grow your business online?
  2. What are your business objectives?
  3. What is the story behind your inception?
  4. How are you different from your competitors?
  5. What is your Value offering compared to your competitors?

If you could pen down the answers to these questions seamlessly in your “About Us”, there’s no stopping you from winning your customers’ hearts.


Building a business story gives you a bankable history, but giving your business a personality in accordance to your business story dictates your future.

It is crucial to work on your brand’s personality. Every brand exhibits its personality through its content and the way they communicate with their consumers.

A simple example – Netflix vs Amazon Prime.

Though both of them essentially deliver the same service, their brand personalities differ massively from one another.

While Netflix seems more like the cool kid in the class, Prime sounds like amore mature kind of an individual that people eventually end up getting attracted to.

What can you learn from them? Make your company human.

Creating Business Story
Creating Business Story

From creating a business story to elevating your persona, we all hoisted up. Now, it’s time for you to lay back and let your customers give back.

Do you know why the “word of mouth marketing” is still proven to be the most effective type of marketing? It’s because there’s a human touch involved in it. A human conveys to a human rather than a TV or a Radio box doing that job. Familiarity instantly wins the trust.

WOM is, unfortunately, not in our control but Testimonials are. A customer is bound to trust another customer more, since they’re in the same boat.

Testimonials in the form of videosis the best way to attract new leads and stats prove it, too.

Once you know the art of cleverly extracting and showcasing your testimonials, there’s no stopping you!

There is More!

Want to know more about how you can strategically target your customers with the points I made above? My book, Unleash Your Business Online, is a great deal of knowledge packed in a 200-page book. From how to build your Empire online to what content to create to connect to the audience, use our book as a weapon to fight all your doubts and as a stepping stone to reach closer to your goals. See you there!

online presence

Getting Your Online Presence Ready

Getting your Online Presence Ready

If you follow my blogs actively that is uploaded each week, you will know that I adhere to a step-by-step process for taking an offline business up online. If you’ve landed on this page for the first time, I highly recommend you check out my previous blogs first so as to go with the flow.
So, you’re buckled up. Warmed your seat. Analyzed your business, the market and your competitors. And have a Business model in place.

Get ready! We are about to take off.
For any business to seek attention, they need to be easily found on the search engine. There may be hundreds of brands with the same name as yours but ultimately, what matters is who came as the top result when they searched for the name. Building your online presence is, in no means, a cakewalk. It needs months of being active on various platforms and years of exercising Organic Marketing. But many companies don’t even know how to take off in this Online world, let alone build its headquarters around its glory. And that’s exactly what/who I’m here for. Without further ado, let’s understand the nitty-gritty’s that go into building your online presence and learn what we can do.

online presence

1. First things first, you will need a Website

Websites have become the new business cards. Even if you’re not a product-based e-commerce website, you will still have to make one as a means to show off your portfolio and expertise. It’s extremely important to have a website to build your presence on the search engine, even if you don’t have much to show off. Website is like the main source that is connected to all the other platforms where your content is shared. All in all, it’s a must!

There are many steps involved in the setting up of the website itself.

online presence

Let's begin!

online presence

Take a quick look at the search bar. Read the website link. What does it say? More precisely, how does it end?

.com,, .in, .musuem and 1500 others are what is known as TLD or Top Level Domain. The most common ones are the ones that I mentioned including my very own domain name, which helps me get identified on Google search engine easily.

After you select a domain name for yourself, there comes the next and the most exciting process i.e. to design your website. From color schemes to themes to placements, all of them have to combine together to make your website look attractive.

Many of us may not even notice this but colors play a very crucial role in building up a perception. Colors define moods and themes. People almost immediately associate or pick up “vibes,” as the new generation likes to say, from it.

For eg. Look at LinkedIn’s design and then check Big Basket or any other grocery shopping sites design later. Almost all of the grocery sites use Green as their theme whereas LinkedIn uses Blue.

Why is that so?What message does it convey?What vibes do they give? Apart from their obvious distinct features, how does their website make them look so different from one another?

online presence

Now comes the real fun. You’re actually setting up your website!

A host is a platform that allows individuals to make their website accessible on the World Wide Web. The most preferred platforms for hosting are Go Daddy, Hostgator, WordPress and the newest one, Wix.

There are thousands of YouTube tutorials on how to make a website and set up your business on any of these hosting platforms that you can check. If you don’t have the privilege of time for it, you can simply contact the many digital agencies available, SuprStart (my digital agency) being one of them.

2. Email

Nowadays many small businesses resort to Instagram for selling their products and interacting with their customers, and we do feel the urge to help them out and buy from themas well, but staying loyal? We would rather have that relationship with Nykaa. The truth is, a bigger company gives out a much more secure feeling than the smaller ones.Why? Is it because of the brand name? But for a brand name to get its popularity today, didn’t it have to build from the scrapes? This hierarchy in the way you will be perceived, is of great significance.

Small hacks like having your own website, more than one official email ids, social media accounts, etc. help you stand out as a professional and goes a long way in building your image.

For Email, you must have at least 2 accounts – the main one that dispenses emails and information to your customer base and the other one being a support email id through which a customer can contact you.

There is More!

If you think this was helpful and eagerly want to know more, don’t worry, we haven’t stopped here. In my book, Unleash Your Business Online, I have explained the above points as well as additional important points in a much more comprehensive manner. If this short write-up made the path online a little clearer, I assure you that my book will walk hand-in-hand with you, taking you further ahead one step at a time. Let’s plan your online presence strategy together!

The book is available on both, Amazon as well as my own website See you there!

Starting Business Online

Changing the Mindset

Changing the Mindset

starting business online

If you’ve finally decided to work on yourself and pursue your ambitions of starting a business online, congratulations! It’s a big step you’ve taken today and may you never look back.

The start of the journey is always exciting. You’re high on adrenaline and can’t wait to jump on the bus leading you towards success. But a few hours down the line, you’re exhausted, bored of the monotonous ride. You see your enthusiasm spiraling downwards, sitting in the same place but your mind wandering off somewhere downs the South. At some point, many people decide to take a U-turn out of frustration and end the day by reassuring themselves with the classic, “it was just another bad idea”.

At what point do you think the passengers who returned back went wrong? Was it the point when they decided to return? Was it the point in the middle where they decided the journey was boring? Or perhaps, was it at the very beginning?

No points for guessing but yes, it is at the very beginning of the journey where most people go wrong.

Starting Business Online with a Millionaire Mindset

The passengers started their journey with the same mindset they had cultivated and practiced for years together. It’s the same mindset that stopped them from starting business online until now and will still do. It’s the same mindset that fears failures and disregards small victories.

If you’ve planned to hop on this journey after all, it will be a complete waste of time if you don’t discard the same mindset that stopped you from all that you could have achieved in all these years.

As cliché as it sounds, the way you perceive your life and yourself will truly determine the success of how well you’ll handle your online business.

So, think of this as a virtual door and promise yourself that by the end of this blog, you will have opened a gateway to a successful future and changed your outlook on life.

Changing your mindset is step one. When you change the way you think, you slowly notice changes in your habits, and then your behavior and coping mechanism.

Let your “future you” be the one to stop you from going back to your old habits. What I mean by that is, start determining how you want to live your life, henceforth. What are the luxuries you would like to seek? What are the many experiences you would like to fill your life with?

Let’s see, a dream vacation to see the Northern lights? Something that was out of your reach to a point that you refused to even think about it should now be something that’s on your mind all the time.

The more you think about it, the more you will feel the urge to break out of your old patterns and take off on the journey towards creating a successful business online.

Enough about what to do, now let’s talk about how we can do this.

starting business online
starting business online

Everything that you’ve learnt till now, even the things that you think are good for you, unlearn them. Remember, you’re starting with a clean slate. A squeaky clean slate with no residue from the past.

starting business online

The book Unleash Your Business Online has been a blessing for many. My mail box has been flooded with thank you messages ever since and I keep getting asked for a Part Two. I’m extremely grateful for all the love and all I can say is, I’ll come back soon.

starting business online

There will be many concepts that I’ll be sharing in the course of my book. They’ll be systematic in nature and I would like you to exercise it practically as you go through my book, ticking off the concepts and chapters as you go.

There is More!

In my book, I have mentioned a six-step process that will do all the convincing for changing your mindset and creating a successful online business worth every buck you invested into it. And that is just Chapter 1! Imagine how much more insight you’ll gain throughout the book.

Buckle Up! Let’s Break the Pattern Today.

I am Shubham Bapna, a proud Founder and CEO of Suprstart Ventures, Mumbai’s best digital agency, a Digital Success Coach, and now, an Author. My book, Unleash Your Business Online, is about all things Digital and how you, too, can mount your Legacy online. I’m delighted to let you know that my book is up online and available today. As you can see by the apparent introduction, I live, breathe, and sleep Digital! A phenomenon that took the whole world by storm is my forte, and now, it can be yours too. Follow me through this journey as I guide you along the digital pathway. There’s only one way, and it’s here! Welcome Aboard!

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